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With its operations carried out by Paradventures Support Ltd.,

PARADVENTURES is expert in delivering adventure residentials,

daytrips and outdoor learning days in a variety of outdoor environments,

including forests, hills and mountains throughout the UK and now, too, in Switzerland. 


Who We Are

It specialises in journeys and expeditions featuring ‘Paratreker’ All-Terrain Wheelchairs,

making fully accessible the experiences and adventures that it offers.

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Gordon McGregor

Director / Trustee

Gordon founded PARADVENTURES, motivated to do so by many years of facilitating adventure holidays and being involved in large-scale challenges with disabled people, all of whom he found uplifting, impressive and inspirational.


Gordon is fully committed and determined to build on PARADVENTURES’ already considerable success, because there is so much that it can and must do. And he has the drive to do it!

He says: “I never cease to be inspired by the people with whom I’m working and by the work that we do. We are each following a different path in our journeys of discovery but they’re all leading to the same goal: making that much needed difference to people’s lives through fun activity adventures.”

Gordon is a qualified Hill and Moorland Leader and Outdoor First-Aider, with extensive experience in working with people with additional support needs.

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Niall Rooney

Director / Trustee

Niall began as a volunteer with PARADVENTURES. Having completed his Summer Mountain Leader

award in 2018, he now enjoys an active role leading groups in the outdoors.


As he is also a natural health practitioner, Niall has a specific interest in the health benefits of spending

time in nature. The current popularity of Green Health is right up his street.

In his free time, Niall is known for regularly risking his own health! That’s through skydiving or his plan to learn to skateboard when he's “too old”. He promises that the rule is “safety first” …. for everyone else 😊

Niall and his wife Emily have recently become parents to their daughter, Betty Suz, and enjoy family life in Inverness, along with their collie-vizsla cross, Frank.

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Richard McCann

Director / Trustee

Richard is a co-founder, with Gordon McGregor, of PARADVENTURES, having been influenced, for many years previously, by Gordon’s passion for providing adventures for disabled people. Richard has a passion

for cycling, particularly mountain biking, and uses this to scout out and safety-check routes for DofE etc.

Richard says “Having been involved from the start, it never fails to amaze me how people respond to the outdoors, come out of their shell and open up to new challenges”. 

Richard is supported by his partner, Fiona, and son Charlie, also a keen biker. They all enjoy the outdoors. Richard is a BORDA off-road driver and a First Aider and also holds a Velotech Bike Maintenance Certificate.

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Gillies MacDonald

Director / Trustee

Gillies has worked in the recruitment industry for more than 20 years and has experience within global corporates, as well as five years running his own business before it merged with Morgan Hunt in 2019.


He brings knowledge of how commercial organisations are increasingly looking to contribute to their community as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility policies. This fits well with PARADVENTURES' aspirations to engage with a broad spectrum of stakeholders across the business world.

Gillies has a love of nature and the outdoors and participates in running, hill-walking, skiing and field sports.

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R. Douglas Weir

Director / Trustee

Douglas Weir is a Chartered Management Accountant with over 15 years’ experience as accountant and financial controller of SME and larger business in a variety of industries: IT, financial services and power sector. He brings to Paradventures the experience and understanding of fiscal planning and control as well as an overview of tax and regularity compliance requirements of smaller organisations.

In his youth, as a Venture Scout, Doug helped Gordon run the Scout Group at Stanmore House, a day and residential school for disabled children run by Capability Scotland, and he has also volunteered with the RDA.

Doug lives in Edinburgh with his wife and two young children.

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